Matapos ang usap-usapang mga pasabog ng composer na si Lolito Go laban kay Queen of Hugot Songs Moira Dela Torre, dalawa pa sa mga nagtanggol para sa kaniya ay ang Star Music creative director na si Jonathan Manalo at ang drummer na si Luke Sigua.

Mababasa sa kanilang Facebook posts ang kani-kanilang testimonya kung ano ang tunay na ugali ni Moira.

"Just putting it out there. I vouch for Moira’s good character. I’m not saying she’s perfect because no one is. Pero napakabuting tao niyan. And her being an exceptional songwriter is already a given and can never be refuted," ani Jonathan.

Screengrab mula sa FB ni Jonathan Manalo


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Samantala, nagbigay rin ng kaniyang testimonya ang matagal nang drummer ni Moira na si Luke Sigua.

"Hi. Moira’s drummer here since 2015. Not trying to attack anyone, but just parrying the terrible amount of misinformation and allegations being thrown at Moi right now. This might come off as biased, but don’t worry, I’m also notorious for fighting Moi when she does questionable things. And I also defended Jason when he was being cancelled last year, as I am a strong believer in forgiveness and change, being an imperfect and terrible person myself. I just call out what needs to be called out. Here are my thoughts:

1. Moi was never a credit grabber. She spearheaded the Halfway Point project so that the whole band can have a part of the royalties she thought she didn’t deserve to keep for herself. How awesome is that? She’s the first to fight for someone when he/she isn’t given the credit he/she is due. She finds a way to honor her band in every show even if, technically, we’re just session musicians. She pays us standard rate out of her own pocket. She is always there to help us when we need her. She always treats us like family.

2. The Malaya album put Moira Dela Torre on the map. Not Titibo-Tibo. Not the Patawad album. Definitely not Paubaya. I remember when we were cooking up Tagpuan in Bellhaus studio back in 2017. Those were fun days. But hey, even the songs I mentioned above were a team effort. No one took the credit solely for themselves.

3. Moi and Jason both had their shortcomings within the marriage. But most of them were workable issues within the marriage - a lot of which I also go through with my wife. They’re not easy, I’m just saying as a married man, they’re more common than you think. Multiple instances of infidelity, on the other hand, ultimately broke the trust needed to maintain that marriage. You can never peg that as “Yun lang naman kasalanan niya, pero si Moi ganito ganyan”. How anyone can overlook that is beyond me.

4. Moi NEVER cheated on Jason.

I have known Moi for a long time, including the guys she dated before Jason. I know what she has been through and what her life has been like. She may have her shortcomings, but I know she will never just throw away a marriage like that. All her life, she has lived with the trauma of witnessing infidelity and having a broken family. Her main goal was to not have a repeat of that. Can you blame her for her reaction?

Let’s not be too quick to believe lies and misinformation, and continue to pray for the couple as they resolve things PRIVATELY. Thank you, and Godbless."

Marami pang mga kaibigan at katrabaho ni Moira ang nag-debunk sa mga sinabi ni Lolito Go laban sa award-winning singer.

Ito ay sina Dia Magsaysay Sigua, Dave Capule, Timothy Recla, Migz Haleco, Jeric Pacaba, at Jeff Vadillo.