Trending topic ngayon sa Twitter si Senador Robin Padilla dahil sa kaniyang inihain na Senate Bill No. 449 o ang Civil Unions Act na nagbibigay ng pantay na karapatan at pagkilala para sa same-sex couples sa Pilipinas.

“This representation believes it is high time that the Philippines provides equal rights and recognition for couples of the same sex with no prejudice as to sexual relationships are protected and recognized and given access to basic social protection and security,” saad ni Padilla sa explanatory note ng panukalang batas.


LPA, nabuo sa loob ng PAR matapos ang paglabas ng bagyong Carina

“Providing equal rights and privileges for same-sex couples will in no way diminish or trample on the rights granted to married couples,” dagdag pa niya.


Dahil dito, pinuri ng mga netizen ang baguhang senador:

"girl is robin padilla a progressive senator in disguise :0000"

"Kuddos sa legal team behind Sen. Robin Padilla for filing Divorce Bill and Same-sex Civil Union sa 19th Congress. May kasama na si SenRi, on this matter, from the majority."

"Robin Padilla redemption era? Haha. I feel like he's the Nancy Binay of this admin. Hahha"

"Wow, Divorce, Same Sex Civil Union, and Shift to Parliamentary system voiced out and filed by Senator Robin Padilla, looks like he is one of the most progressive lawmakers we have now"

"I should hand it to his team, and ofc Robin for pushing it through. Imagine Robin Padilla, champion of the institutionalization of civil unions of same-sex couples. Out of all the progressive senators."

"idk how to feel, but while Robin Padilla is out there looking unqualified for being a Senator, he's now also one crucial vote for divorce and now same-sex unions"

"I love Sen. Robin Padilla's civil union bill! Sec. 13 of the proposed bill enumerates the rights and obligations arising from the civil union, which are basically the same as that of current married couples. Considering he got 27M votes last May, I hope this gets public support."

"waking up to the news of robin padilla filing a bill to institutionalize same sex civil unions makes me feel a range of emotions. i really am speechless. is this happening??? of all ppl i didn’t expect him to do it11679"

"The homophobic community seems to be psyched for voting for Robin Padilla, who is now seeking to institutionalize same-sex civil unions. I'm impressed and I'm hoping that this is not another circus show by the government."

"Impressive, a surprise move from Robin Padilla, a welcome one for sure. From advocating for the use of Filipino in state proceedings to calling for support for the Sultanate of Sulu, plus this, I hope he continues this trend of pushing for quality legislation. He has my support!"

"We welcome all efforts, Sen. Robin Padilla after all is a brother of Bb Gandanghari. He comes from showbiz with a lot of lgbt personalities. I didnt vote for him but I thank him for standing up for us on this."

"The conspiracy theory that Robin Padilla is secretly a progressive secret agent is actually true I'm crying"