SABI na nga ba at hindi palalampasin ni Jake Ejercito ang huling tweet series ni Andi Eigenmann. Sinagot niya ito at siyempre, sumagot uli si Andi, kaya tuluy-tuloy na naman ang Twitter war ng ex-couple.

Ganting tweet ni Jake: “In spite of the slanderous claims made by some, I have relatively kept my peace since I filed the petition for joint custody of Ellie. But in recent days, Andi has been overgeneralising to the point of dragging my entire family into the issue. I now kindly request her to focus her tirades on me as I will not allow myself to be used as a publicity pawn against my family.

“Moreover, I will not let my family be incessantly used in someone’s apparent pursuit to play victim. My family and I have reached out to you numerous times and in countless of ways. Please stop making it seem otherwise and leave them out of this. Besides, this is about my right as a father. Please stop making it about you.

“I hope this will be the last time I will feel the need to comment on anything related to the petition as I seek for its speedy resolution. Let us now have faith in our justice system and allow the case to take its proper course.”

Mark Anthony Fernandez, nadaya kaya wala pang acting award?

Heto naman ang sagot ni Andi: “First of all, Mr. Jake Ejercito, it was only you and not the rest of ur family members that I was pertaining to. Second of all, I reached out to you, countless of times but your ego was just way more impt to you than your child. If someone from your side did reach out, it has always been your sister. Just her. And NEVER you... Masyado ka kasing mataas.

“I don’t care about your family to have to talk your true intentions for trying to take my child away from me. I was a victim. A victim of abuse by you, Jake. That caused me so much pain that I’ve already gone past. Stop accusing me of playing victim each time I voice out how I feel, I’m not a victim. I’m always just no coward like you. Your response has just proved me right. You really only do care when its your image at risk.

“Jake, I have an awesome life with the man I love and my beautiful daughter. I don’t need to play victim. I don’t need to make this about me. The point here is that your intentions for wanting to suddenly take my child (that nobody is depriving you of) are questionable. ‘Coz if you are thinking of her and not just yourself, you would’ve thought of just being a better person instead of complicating things. If ever it seems I’m making this about me, maybe I am.

‘Coz I’m the one who’s been working nonstop to provide for my child... and what you do is accuse me of neglect. I’m the one you’re asking to spend money on a lawyer that I can’t afford. I’m the one... I’m the one who’s career you’ve been jeopardizing for my daughter, and you don’t even realise how this affects my child.

“Lastly, I’m the one who decided to help myself be happy, and to you, it’s still wrong, even when in truth YOU KNOW NOTHING. This isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. I am aware of my faults. Always have been. I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter what good I do for my child. Everything will always just be wrong.

“Jake, if I ever said things to make it seem like I was gonna take my child away from you. That was ‘coz I was hurt, and sad, and I loved you. Please realise that now that I’ve no feelings for you, I’ve grown to be mature enough to make decision solely for the well being of my child. And you are very much a part of what I want for her. What’s confusing is why you have to bring me down and insist that I’m unfit... Just for you to ask for that joint custody, that I very much want as well. Burning down other people’s light to make yours shine brighter is such a stupid thing to do. I just thought you were better than that. I won’t let this issue ruin my zen.

“Sorry guys, shade throwing is over (haha), I tried it (my way), its time to go back to hi-way.”

Tama ang opinion o suggestion ng netizens, bakit hindi na lang magharap at mag-usap sina Andi at Jake at huwag nang idaan sa social media ang isyu nila about their child para sila lang and their respective families ang makaalam.

Anyway, buhay nila ‘yan at ginugusto naman nila. 

Napansin lang namin na binabanggit na nila ang kani-kanyang pangalan. Dati, blind item lang kung tukuyin ang isa’t isa. Ngayon may “Andi” na si Jake at may “Jake” na si Andi. (NITZ MIRALLES)